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A Landlord’s Guide to Letting Property with Howard Morley & Sons

In this page we tell you everything you need to know to secure the best tenants in the market.

The Valuation Process

At Howard Morley & Sons, lettings is all we do, and we do it well. We aim for a tailored approach, ideally meeting at the rental property. If this isn’t possible due to an existing tenancy, we’re happy to arrange a meeting at our local office or a nearby café. We’ll talk you through our services and fee structure, while also clarifying your obligations, with deeper guidance on:

  • Price – Understand your expectations regarding rental income and agree our strategy for maximising returns
  • Profile – Identify the specific types of tenants that the property is likely to attract, aligning with preferred tenant demographics and characteristics
  • Performance – Highlight our ability to swiftly secure the best tenant at the highest price
  • Presentation – Provide guidance on how the property should be presented and prepared for the market to ensure maximum appeal

If there’s an existing tenancy in the property, we will conduct comprehensive compliance checks and ensure current returns are optimised. Understanding your long-term objectives and preferred tenancy types is crucial for us to provide tailored services.

Confirmation of Letting

Once you’ve chosen Howard Morley & Sons for your letting needs, we’ll require confirmation of your chosen letting type. Most of our landlord’s choose Full Management for complete peace-of-mind however, we do have other service options, for those who prefer to be more hands-on with their tenancies. At this stage we will ensure your property is launch-ready, as detailed in our blog on preparing a property for letting, advise you on compliance requirements and do our client client-due-diligence.


Marketing & Launch Strategy

Once your property is prepared, we’ll arrange professional photography, with the option for drone imagery if suitable, and every property will feature a floor plan. Listings will be showcased on our optimised website and major portals like Rightmove, Zoopla, and OnTheMarket, as well as on our social media platforms. For unfurnished properties, we employ virtual staging to enhance their appeal. Additionally, one of our eye-catching marketing boards will be placed outside your property to attract more local attention.

Soft Furnishings

Tenant Selection

While we prepare the marketing, we’ll proactively reach out to our register of suitable tenants, and ensure that our most motivated tenants are contacted before the property is officially listed. Some landlords opt for an off-market approach, where we discreetly market the property exclusively to our contacts, leveraging our relationships with relocation agents and local companies for tenant placements.

Every tenant introduced undergoes a rigorous pre-qualification process to ensure suitability, respecting your current tenant’s privacy and minimising disruptions. Upon receiving interest, we thoroughly assess each proposal and their terms, conducting a comprehensive 360 review before presenting options to you. Our skilled team excels in negotiating the best terms on your behalf. Additionally, all prospective tenants undergo meticulous referencing through reputable third-party agencies, covering aspects such as identification, income, credit history, address verification, and right-to-rent checks.

Start of Tenancy

We handle all aspects of the pre-tenancy process, drafting a legally approved tenancy agreement for your review. Additionally, we arrange for a professional clean and enlist an independent inventory clerk to safeguard your interests in the event of potential disputes. Throughout, communication lines remain open, ensuring the tenancy progresses within a mutually agreed timeline. Before handing over keys, we ensure full funds are in place, and we register the deposit with our chosen Government-approved scheme, TDS.

Duration of the Tenancy

For landlords selecting our Let Only service, we will be in touch to provide support at the renewal stage however, it’s important to note that day-to-day management responsibilities rest with the landlord. The majority of our landlords prefer our Full Management service, which comes with many benefits, as described below.

Full Management of Tenancy

With our property management services, landlords can enjoy a truly passive income. We’re available around the clock to handle any property issues, ensuring a dripping tap won’t disrupt you before an important meeting or the inconvenience of a tenant being locked out causing you to miss a flight. Say goodbye to endless back-and-forth with contractors – we’ll manage everything on your behalf, providing peace of mind and hassle-free property ownership.

Our job is to nurture your investment. Here are the most popular reasons our Full Management services are chosen by our clients:

Tenant Liaison

For many landlords, this is the most crucial benefit of our Full Management service. We enable you to maintain a comfortable distance from tenant interactions, avoiding potentially uncomfortable conversations. Acting as the sole point of contact for both you and your tenants, we handle all communication seamlessly. With our property management team based in our local office, not a distant call centre, we’re equipped to respond promptly and effectively, always prioritising everyone’s best interests.

Rent Collection

We manage rent collection and remittance on a monthly basis, accompanied by transparent statements detailing expenditure. Our fee collection is also structured monthly, rather than upfront, and we provide annual statements for submission of returns. In the unlikely event of rent arrears, we diligently pursue payments in accordance with legal protocols, alleviating any burdens from the landlord.

Property Maintenance

When your property requires maintenance, we rely on our trusted network of contractors, with whom we’ve fostered long-standing relationships. These contractors prioritise our needs, ensuring reliable and efficient service. From minor repairs to major projects, our extensive roster of skilled, fully insured professionals covers a wide spectrum of jobs. Most importantly, we handle your funds as if they were our own, diligently seeking the best value for every service. Acting as gatekeepers, we meticulously review quotes until we secure optimal solutions for our clients. While refurbishments typically occur between tenancies, we’re prepared to accommodate mid-tenancy improvements as needed. Rest assured, we’re committed to maintaining and enhancing your property to the highest standards throughout the tenancy period.


As part of our ARLA membership, we uphold continuous professional development (CPD) obligations, ensuring we stay abreast of evolving legislation. Rest assured, any updates impacting your tenancy will be promptly implemented, with thorough communication at every stage to keep you informed.


All tenanted properties undergo a mid-tenancy review, with detailed feedback to the landlord. This comprehensive inspection ensures the property is well-maintained and verifies the presence of agreed tenants, while addressing and mitigating any maintenance needs to prevent escalation of future issues.

Handling of Utilities

We maintain accurate records of meter readings and oversee the seamless transition of utilities into the new tenant’s name. Additionally, we offer support for utility switching when required, ensuring a hassle-free experience for both landlords and tenants.

Rent Renewal

Before the contract is due to expire, we assess the tenant’s long-term commitment and desire to renew to prevent void periods. By renegotiating contracts in line with seasonal market conditions, we provide greater security for landlords and mitigate the risk of entering a periodic tenancy, offering landlords stability.

Rent & Performance Reviews

We continuously monitor market rates and provide all landlords with an annual performance review, offering a benchmarked financial overview and forecasts. This proactive approach ensures your property consistently meets performance expectations and optimises your investment.

Rent Protection 

For added security, we offer expert advice on Rent Protection Cover and facilitate setup on your behalf, providing an additional layer of financial protection (additional costs apply).

Serving Notice

Navigating the process of serving notice to a tenant can be complex and sensitive. Our experienced team handles this delicate conversation with care and efficiency, ensuring compliance with legal requirements while minimising disruption for all parties involved.

Keyholding Service

Our keyholding service provides convenience and peace of mind, particularly beneficial for overseas landlords. During working hours, we offer an on-call concierge service, and for visits requiring a team member to stay at the property, an hourly rate will be charged, ensuring flexibility and accessibility.

End of Tenancy

As the tenancy draws to a close, we facilitate the negotiation of dilapidations and deductions. Our experienced team conducts thorough assessments of the property, identifying any damage or discrepancy against the initial inventory report. When needed, we will negotiate fair settlements with the outgoing tenant, ensuring that the landlord’s interests are protected.

Want to learn more?

Get in touch with our team to discuss how we can help you let and manage your property, whether you are a first time landlord or own a large portfolio of properties. At Howard Morley & Sons, lettings is all we do, and we do it well.

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